Star of Lai'Yran

A beautiful gem, blessed by the celestial beings.


A Brilliant Design

Lai’Yran was a famous elven jewel crafter residing in the Hold of Moavev. After aquiring a flawless chunk of emerald, she set out to craft herself a masterpiece. She would work around the clock for the next three months, carefully crafting a perfectly cut gemstone.

The result was a perfectly symmetrical stone in the shape of a trapizoid. Lai’Yran was not finished, however. She sought to create an item of immense power.

The Quest for Power

After many weeks of exhausting research, Lai’Yran left her home to seek out the power she wanted for her masterpiece. She would travel to the northernmost peak of Ororan, where she would appease the celestials to bless her gem, granting it great power.

The journey took about a month, and the jewel crafter endured many hardships along the way. After a long journey, she reached the peak and arrived at the altar of the celestials. They praised her hard work and determination, and so, her gem was granted immense power. This power manifests in the form of a brilliant star-shaped light that lies at the center of the gem and is evoked through a special ritual.

Using The Gem

When a creature touches the star, they are immediately aware of the holy power invested inside the stone. A creature who is capable of ritual casting may attune to the star, and learns a spell called The Rite of Lai’Yran.

The ritual takes 1 hour to perform, and the performing creature rolls a d10, comparing the result to the table below. The magical effect takes effect immediately, lasting until the spell ends. Once the ritual is performed, it cannot be cast again for 24 hours.

d10 Magical Effect
1 A random member of your party has their hit point maximum halved for 24 hours.
2 For 24 hours, when you take the attack action, you have a 25 percent chance to attack with advantage.
3 For 24 hours, whenever a member of the party deals damage to a creature, they deal 3 less.
4 For the next 3 encounters, each member of the party starts with 25 temporary hitpoints.
5 For the next 24 hours, when a party member deals damage to a creature, they have a 10 percent chance to deal half as much.
6 For the next 24 hours, each party member can deal critical damage on an attack roll of 18 or higher.
7 For the next 24 hours, each party member has a -5 penalty to rolls for initiative.
8 During the next 24 hours, party members can restore 5 hit points to themselves or another creature as a bonus action.
9 For the next 24 hours. The star has a 10 percent chance to erupt into a barrage of 6 empowered magic missiles. The darts of magic pick targets at random, and deal 1d6 force damage.
10 Once in the next 24 hours, you can evoke the star to instantly rejuvenate the party, as if they took a long rest.

“…I’ve read many books discussing Lai’Yran and her magical gemstone. Legend has it, she brought it to the highest peak in Ororan, to seek blessing from the gods themselves. While it may be a stone of great power, the gods have been known to brutally test the faith of their followers…” – Aria Lith, Grand Alchemist

Star of Lai'Yran

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