Jewel of Hammerspace

A unique, magical stone that give its bearer access to nearly unlimited storage.


Jewel of Hammerspace
Unique Trinket (Requires Attunement)

The Jewel of Hammerspace gives its user control of a pocket dimension known as Hammerspace. Hammerspace is an infinitely large pocket dimension, but it contains no air and will not allow any living creature inside of it (this includes undead, constructs, etc). The jewel can store any item (not currently being held or worn by another creature) of up to medium size (5 ft3), that you can lift by pulling it into Hammerspace. The item is rendered weightless while inside of Hammerspace. Items can be freely pulled into or out of Hammerspace by the user, pulling items out of Hammerspace is faster than digging through a pack, the user of the jewel is always aware of what is in Hammerspace and can instantly pull items out of it. In combat, pulling an item into or out of Hammerspace works similarly to any other container; you can pull out any one item once per turn as a free action unless specified otherwise. However, you can pull out an additional item as a bonus action since you don’t have to search through your pack to find it.

The Jewel of Hammerspace appears to be a 1″×1″ black jewel filled with a swirling purple mist. Items are visually pulled into and out Hammerspace by obscuring them from view. They can be pulled into or out of clothes, behind your back, etc. To anyone viewing this the item just disappears into or appears from wherever you pull the item. In actuality the Jewel is acting as a gate into Hammerspace and pulling an item through it.


Jewel of Hammerspace

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