Amulet of the Wilds

A magical piece of jewelry that has been empowered by the fey.


A Gift from the Fey

Trinkets that are gifted to druids from the fey come in many different forms. The Amulet of the Wilds appears as a beautiful winged amulet, socketed with an ancient piece of amber. This fey amulet contains concentrated magic from nature itself.


When you find an Amulet of the Wilds, it starts with 2d6 Charges. You may spend these charges to activate the various abilities of the amulet.

Assisted Shapeshift

1 Charge. As a bonus action, you can evoke the magic contained within the amulet to cause yourself the shapeshift. You can shapeshift into any of your learned forms, and your stats and hit point total change as normal.

The assisted shapeshift lasts 1 minute before the magic of the amulet leaves you, and you revert to your normal form.


1 Charge. As an action, you evoke the power of the element, causing a magical plant to sprout at your feet. The plant flows with the magic of nature, and glows with a soothing aura.

The aura spreads out to fill a 10 foot radius. All friendly creatures within the aura regain 1d4 hit points when they start their turn inside the aura. The plant lives for 1 minute before withering away.

Entangling Vines

2 Charges. As an action, you use the amulet’s magic to summon a thicket of thorned vines at a creature’s feet within 60 feet of you.

The target creature must make a Strength saving throw, becoming grappled by the vines on a failed save, and taking 2d4 piercing damage. The creature can remake the save at the start of its turn, taking the damage again on a failed save.

The vines have an AC of 12 and a hit point total of 13. The vines remain until the creature breaks free, their hit points fall to 0, or you dispel them. The save DC for this ability is 8 + your Wisdom modifier + your proficiency.


Amulet of the Wilds

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