The Realm of Ororan


The party takes the clues they found and attempted to learn more about the murder. After a bit of asking around, they discover that the scholar they were seeking was assassinated by a member of a local mercenary group.

In an attempt to free their friend, they take their findings to the Massurian Official of Security, who promptly scolded them about tampering with the crime scene. Now the party must produce the person responsible or face punishment themselves.

Searching For Answers

The party was told to seek out a scholar who could help identify the guild that attacked them. When they arrived, they discovered that the scholar they sought was brutally murdered. Seeking answers, the party druid attempted to enter the inn shapeshifted as a rat. After his attempted failed, he was swiftly arrested as the prime suspect in the murder.

Later that night, the party broke into the inn and searched the crime scene for clues. They discovered a vial of poison, a torn piece of cloth, and some scales from a dragonborn. Hopefully, they’ll be able to use their findings to free the druid.

The Relic Is Stolen

The party made it to the relic room, and confronted the sorcerer. After a hard battle, the party fell. After a savage beat down, the Lead Sorcerer made off with the relic.

Running to the Relic
A Race Against Time

The party chose the correct path, following the mage down the twisting hallways to the lower levels. A quick magic spell, however, and the party had to make a detour. Fighting through waves of enemies, the party finally came near the end of their chase. Outside of the forge chamber was the hallway that would take them straight to the relic. The problem now was the very earth was breaking apart underneath them. In the distance, the guild tower glows brightly as it burns, becoming increasingly unstable. The party then faces a large fissure where the ground was swallowed up. Using a low hanging brazier they were all successfully able to swing across. Now all they have to do is confront the mage they were chasing.

The Adventure Begins.

The party met up for the fist time, meeting their new pack members and the guild leader. A quick tour of the hall reveals the guild is hiding an ancient artifact. This ancient piece of magic is shrouded in mystery, as all of the knowledge of it has been lost to the ages.

Shortly after turning in for the night, the sounds of explosions and fighting filled the room of the party. Rushing out, they were greeted by an invasion of an enemy guild who was surely after the ancient relic they protected.

The party fought bravely and swiftly through the onslaught of enemy troops, eventually reaching Thend, the guild master. With a commanding presence, he ordered maelstrom to hastily give chase to an enemy mage who was on his way to the relic’s chamber.

Catching a glimpse of him before running off, the party was hot on his trail. Although they lost him after a swift fireball caused a cave in. Now the party must fight through the side chambers attempting to reach the relic…

The Adventure Begins!!
Forming a new pack.

Greetings adventurer,

Consider this your very first, and formal welcome to the Order of Twilit Fire, the fourth largest guild in the hold of Massur. Our order was founded over 200 years ago, as our capital city was growing into the great port city that we have today. Our order was founded on the grounds of one principle belief. Freedom to be yourself.

You will be matched up with other new initiates to create a pack of four, your call will be Maelstrom. Hold it to your heart, as the reputation of your pack will forever follow you. Your pack will start at the rank of Kindling, where all packs start. As you perform amazing feats and spread the reputation of your pack and our order, your rank will surely increase.

As a Kindling, you will have access to basic equipment from the requisitions officer, and basic room and board. Your meals will be provided, and your belly will never have to be devoid of ale. Your order dues total up to the amount of 200gp a month. It is the responsibility of the pack to make sure dues are paid in full, and on time.

At the Order of Twilit Fire, we have a few overarching ordinances. These are considered law, and will always be enforced and upheld. Violating any one of them will result in harsh punishment.

1. You will respect and obey all who are above you, according to the order’s ranking system.

2. Your freedom as an individual is guaranteed, encouraged, and protected. However, violating the laws of massur may lead to penalties, enacted by the council’s guard.

3. Physical, violence among order members is strictly prohibited while in the order halls.

4. Damaging of order property will result in punishment.

5. Order dues are to be paid in full, and on time. Completion of guild approved jobs will pay towards your owed amount.

At your earliest convenience, you are expected to move into the order halls, where you will be rooming with your pack. When you are settled and properly introduced, you may start your new life.

- Thend Adani, Grandmaster of the Order of Twilit Fire


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